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Enterasys Matrix X

In der Produktanalyse hat ComConsult Research die Matrix-X-Serie von Enterasys Networks im Labor- und Praxistest untersucht. Die Serie umfasst drei Chassis von 4 bis 16 Slots für I/O-Module und adressiert mit Layer-2- und Layer-3-Fähigkeiten im Enterasys-Portfolio den Core Bereich mittlerer bis großer Netze. Enterasys bezeichnet die Matrix X als Secure Core Router und setzt damit marketingtechnisch  »Details...»

HP OpenView Route Analytics Management System

"Route Analytics Management System" is an add-on to HP's OpenView Network Node Manager. It completely replaces the current OSPF solution of the NNM and breaks new ground in the visualization and monitoring of dynamically routed networks. This Product Analysis explains the functionality of the system, integration in HP OpenView and »Details...»

Industrial Wireless LANs with Siemens Scalance W

Reliability is of major importance in industrial environments. Siemens followed this theme in the development of the new Wireless product series SCALANCE W-700. In the labs of ComConsult Research these devices were checked out in recent weeks via detailed product tests. »Details...»

HP OpenView Network Node Manager 7

With the version 7 of the Network Node Manager, HP has overhauled the core of its OpenView suite. We have examined the new features and the new user interface, in details and practice, and we have compared the results to previous versions. Our new Product Analysis shows you where the improvements are, and what you can expect from the new version. »Details...»


Auf der Basis ausführlicher Praxistests haben wir die Leistungsfähigkeit und die Architektur dieses Produkts in unseren Testlabors untersucht. Sie können die Analyse kostenlos von unserem Webserver herunterladen. (siehe unten) »Details...»

Redundancy Process wirh Hirschmann Switches

The concentration process in the network area, on the standard Ethernet and IP protocols, also applies to industrial environments. Ethernet has been established in master computer systems for many years. However, the current trend towards integration in control units, which is directly involved in the production process, generates a completely new requirement profile. »Details...»

Network Analyzer in a Practical Test

The new product analysis from ComConsult Research presents the Network Analyzer OptiView Series II from Fluke in a practical test. The analysis can be downloaded free of charge. »Details...»

ip telephony solutions from innovaphone

In this report and based on the extensive testing in 2007, we have tested the innovaphone IP telephony solution, particularly the new features in software version 8 and integration in Microsoft Unified Messaging. The innovaphone AG headquarters are based in Sindelfingen. The company provides professional telephone systems entirely based on IP. »Details...»

4 von 8 Analysen »mehr...»

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